Suicide Squad Trailer May Contain Reference to The Flash Cameo

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It seems that our dance with the Suicide Squad trailer isn't over just yet.

If one Justice League fan has managed to spot a cool Easter Egg for Rick and Morty, the same thing may be said for August's expected blockbuster anti-hero movie. This time, speculations are suggesting that the Caped Crusader is not the only official Justice League member to have a cameo.


Independent reported of the new theory, which could possibly put The Flash in Suicide Squad. Fans have sighted the 2 minute and 25-second mark in the Comic-Con trailer to possibly be a lightning effect that mimics the one made by The Flash.

For those who have seen the Justice League trailer, a similar lightning effect is seen surrounding Barry Allen in his The Flash costume, pictured above.

It wouldn't really be a surprise for superheroes to have cameos in solo movies of a specific superhero. That's one way for studios to establish connections made between the different franchises.

The same thing happened for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, albeit in a very loud manner. Remember the email that showed the different insignias of the four other heroes The Flash, Cyborg, Aquaman, and Wonder Woman?

I cringed when that happened, because it felt more like a marketing move to tell readers of the big Justice League movie rather than a subtle sleight of hand for subliminal effect. If this new cameo speculation is true, then it possibly hints at two things.

One, Suicide Squad may have a role in future Justice League films, in the same way that Marvel is expanding its cinematic universe. Batfleck's cameo is already a huge suggestion. Two, DC is finally learning the art of subtlety when it comes to establishing the foundation of its DC cinematic universe.

That means we're only looking at better things ahead following the BvS fiasco. I can't wait.

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