Suh Jung Hee Dead? Korean Actress Speaks Up After Emergence of Death Hoax

Credit: MBCEntertainment/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: MBCEntertainment/YouTube Screenshot

Suh Jung Hee spoke up after fake news about her death emerged.

Suh Jung Hee has been through worse in her personal life and career in the past years. Most recently, the actress and model revealed that she was diagnosed with breast cancer in April.

She has since undergone surgery and chemotherapy to control the cancer cells and eventually get rid of the dreaded illness. However, she hit a heartbreaking problem while dealing with her health.

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Suh Jung Hee Slams YouTube Channel Over Fake Death News

On her Instagram account, Suh Jung Hee shared a screenshot of a YouTube video showing her reported funeral and claiming that she died.

She immediately dismissed the claims that she had passed away in a hospital and said that the YouTube channel was a fake one.

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“Fake news channel ‘Here lies the truth’ YouTuber is selling me, a cancer patient, for a clickbait. He even made a funeral picture of mine saying I was officially dead in a hospital. I'm going to get my 4th chemotherapy on the 29th,” she wrote, as translated by AllKpop.

The actress expressed her dismay as she had been reportedly a victim of those YouTubers. After the fake news came out, her friends and family immediately called her to check on her status.

Suh Jung Hee Went Through Worst

Before her breast cancer diagnosis, she revealed that she lived like a hostage during her 32 years of marriage with Seo Se Won.

In March, the former comedian attended his fourth hearing at Seoul Central District Court for allegedly abusing the actress. Suh Jung Hee first sued Seo Se Won after he became violent toward her in their home’s parking lot.

“I was beaten by Seo Se Won almost every day for the last 32 years. I was also choked to a point that my tongue and eyes were popping out,” she said, per The Fact.

Suh Jung Hee reportedly thought her husband would change after becoming a priest. However, Seo Se Won’s violent actions worsened.

For now, she is now focusing on her treatment and aims to feel well soon.

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