Boruto: What Is the Strongest Clan?

Boruto: What is the Strongest Clan?

Boruto: What is the Strongest Clan?

The Hidden Village of the Leaf is home to many powerful clans. We have seen most of them in Naruto, and more clans have been introduced in Boruto. But among all these clans, which one is the strongest? 

Is it one of the original clans, or will it come from the new clans?

To settle this, we've compiled the top 5 clans based on strength:

  1. Sarutobi Clan

    One of the popular clans is the Sarutobi clan because of the Third Hokage, Asuma, and now, Konohamaru.

    They are famous for their exceptional strength and high willpower. They are also experts in using Fire Release natural transformation, which is a hidden ninjutsu.

    Most do not know that the Third Hokage had two sons: Asuma, who became part of the Twelve Guardian Ninja, and an unnamed child who served under the Hokage and had a spouse who was part of the Anbu.

    These connections make the Sarutobi clan one of the most influential families in the series.

  2. Uzumaki Clan

    Little is known about the Uzumaki clan, as they were originally from somewhere other than the Hidden Leaf Village.

    But since the Village Hidden by Whirling Tides was destroyed, the remaining village members, including the Uzumaki clan, moved to the Village Hidden in the Leaves.

    As seen from Naruto and Kushina, the members of the Uzumaki clan possess strong life forces, giving them long lifespans.

    This gives them the ability to recover easily from injuries and exhaustion compared to other clans. These traits made them the perfect vessels for the Tailed Beasts.

    Members of the Uzumaki clan can also suppress their chakra signature, which allows them to be undetectable.

  3. Hyuga Clan

    In one of the episodes in Boruto, one traveler challenged Hiashi Hyuga, Boruto’s grandfather, to a duel as the Hyuga clan was known to be one of the strongest clans.

    This is proven true as the Hyuga are wielders of the Byakugan, a Kekkei Genkai that gives them an extended vision to see through objects and chakra.

    The ability came from Hamura Otsutsuki. Everyone fears this great visual prowess as it gives the user almost 360 degrees of vision, except for the back of their neck, which is their only blind spot.

    This ability gets even better as Hinata can see up to 10 km, showing that it can also show great distance.

    To maximize the Byakugan, members of the clan are tasked to master the Gentle Fist Style with Byakugan to attack their opponent’s vital parts, disabling their chakra flow.

    With this amazing combination, Gentle Fist was regarded as the strongest Taijutsu style.

  4. Senju Clan

    During the Warring States Period, the Senju was known as the strongest as they were descendants of Asura Otsutsuki.

    They are the only clan that can match the level of the Uchiha, which explains why Madara was obsessed with Hashirama Senju.

    What's even more impressive about this clan is that three of the seven Hokages were Senju: Hashirama, Tobirama, and Tsunade.

    They are widely known for their strong chakra and huge chakra reserves that allow them to fight for long hours without exhaustion.

    They are also skilled in various areas, such as Ninjutsu, Genjutsu, and Taijutsu.

    They are also the clan that can do the Wood Release Kekkai Genkai that can suppress and even control the Tailed Beasts.

  5. Uchiha Clan

    The strongest clan in Boruto and Naruto is still the Uchiha clan.

    It was truly unfortunate that Itachi Uchiha had to kill his entire clan to prevent the coup.

    Still, we cannot deny that this clan was where most of the strongest characters came from, such as Sasuke, Itachi, Obito, and even Madara himself.

    Sasuke Uchiha of the Uchiha Clan
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    The Uchiha are widely known for their Sharingan, as it is one of the Three Great Dojutsu. Except for Kakashi, only the Uchiha clan has this powerful ability.

    The Sharingan is known for being the Eye of Insight, which allows the user to see chakra, copy any jutsu they see, and gain incredible perception.

    Meanwhile, the Eye of Hypnotism allows the user to use Genjutsu and even view a bit of the future, allowing them to see their opponents' moves first.

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