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Stranger Things Star Robert Englund Had to Audition for Victor Creel Role

Anyone who loves horror movies knows who Robert Englund is. After all, the Nightmare on Elm Street star is best known for playing the terrifying Freddy Kruger. However, his fame was still not enough to guarantee a role in Stranger Things Season 4. Englund has just revealed that he had to audition for the part of Victor Creel in the Netflix series.

Robert Englund only appeared briefly in the first part of Stranger Things Season 4 but his role was very important. As the older Victor Creel, he told Nancy Wheeler and Robin Buckley what happened to his family in 1959.

It's hard to imagine anybody else playing Victor Creel but Robert Englund confirmed with Screenrant that he was initially considered for a different role.

"I was up for a role in Season 3 and either I didn't have a good audition, or I was wrong for the part, or they went younger or whatever. I was a little disappointed because I just love the show. And then I was contacted for Season 4, and I needed to audition. Sometimes they just want to see how old you are now and stuff," Englund said.

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He then shared how he prepared for his audition.

"I was just alone in my bathtub, and my downstairs guest bathroom is all white, so I just jammed in the corner with the white tile. I put a bathrobe on, so the bathrobe would be white, and my wife sat on the toilet seat and filmed me with her smartphone," Englund said.

"I wanted the Duffer Brothers and Shawn Levy and the casting people to see that I wanted to tell the tale, but I wanted to tell it emotionally - because for Victor to remember it is very painful - and I got the part," he concluded.

We're glad Robert Englund got the role and we're hoping he will be back in Stranger Things Season 4 Volume 2.

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