Stranger Things Season 5: Here’s How and When Max May Wake Up from Coma

Credit: Netflix India/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: Netflix India/YouTube Screenshot

One of the major Season 4 finale cliffhangers that Stranger Things Season 5 needs to solve is Max’s (Sadie Sink) future. Eleven’s (Millie Bobby Brown) best friend has slipped into to coma after facing Vecna (Jamie Campbell Bower).

Max momentarily died, but Eleven managed to save her. So, will she soon wake up in Stranger Things Season 5? When and how will it happen?

How will Max Wake Up?

Max may soon wake up as the fifth and final season begins. Sure, she remains unconscious, but it may never stay that long.

Vecna may have something to do with Max’s coma, and the Duffer Brothers’ revelation that there will be a time jump may help the storyline of Sink’s character.

The time jump may feature how Max will wake up in several ways that will feel natural to the show’s story. It may show how the series’ characters respond to Max finally waking up, revealing how her coma devastated her friends.

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Though she can simply open her eyes, it’s quite impossible, considering her coma is induced by her fight against Vecna and not by natural causes.

According to ScreenRant, Max is maybe alive somewhere inside Vecna, and the latter is probably stopping her from returning to the real world.

But knowing Vecna is also using his victims to send a message to his enemies, just like what he did with Nancy (Natalia Dyer), the villain may do the same with Max.

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He may wake Max up when he wants to send a message to Eleven and the rest of the gang as he begins to invade Hawkins.

For starters, the Upside Down has already seeped through the town of Hawkins in the Season 4 finale.

When will Max Wake Up?

As many have been waiting for Max to wake up, it may happen sooner than expected.

Eleven has saved Max from dying through her memories, revealing she’s now possessing the power to resurrect. Though it’s yet to be explored in the series, the planned time jump may see Eleven trying her best to save Max from the void and bring her back to the world several times until she finally succeeds.

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Hence, Max may finally open her eyes at the end of Stranger Things Season 5 Episode 1.

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