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Wednesday: Does Tyler Have Any Feelings for Wednesday?

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Fans thought Tyler (Hunter Doohan) and Wednesday (Jenna Ortega) would be the best match in Wednesday, only to discover that the latter’s love interest was Hyde, the monster she was looking for. Naturally, viewers started questioning Tyler’s real feelings toward the Addams Family’s daughter and whether he liked her.

Tyler badly wanted to avenge what happened to his mother on Wednesday, so all he wanted to do was to destroy Wednesday, the Addams Family, and Nevermore Academy. So, does it mean he didn’t have any feelings for Wednesday?

Warning: The following content contains major Wednesday spoilers. You can read at your own risk.

Tyler’s Real Feelings for Wednesday

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Doohan revealed what Tyler really felt for Wednesday.

"He was always playing her,” he said. “Maybe there's an attraction there and, he probably wouldn't admit it, but a respect for her, but he's filled with so much anger and hatred toward her and her family and all of Nevermore because of what happened to his mom."

Tyler’s mom was also a Hyde and died because Nevermore didn’t want to accept her and teach her to control her power. This filled Tyler with a lot of rages, resulting in his goal to kill everyone.

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The series’ seventh episode revealed Tyler was the Hyde after Wednesday had Xavier (Percy Hynes White) arrested, thinking he was the monster.

However, Tyler later confessed that he was the murderous monster.

Will Tyler Return to Wednesday Season 2?

There are no words if Netflix will renew Wednesday for another season, but fans remain hopeful. The first season ended with a major cliffhanger, with a hint of Tyler’s return, seeing his monstrous side is still alive.

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The first season finale saw him being carried in a police van while in chains and unconscious. However, in the middle of the journey, he woke up and transformed into Hyde form.

What happens next is not seen, so many believe this part of the story will continue in Wednesday Season 2.

So, will he continuously wreak havoc in the second season? If this happens, there may be a confrontation between Wednesday and him.

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Also, if Netflix orders for another season, it’s possible that Wednesday will return to Nevermore for another semester and investigate a new mystery.

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