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Stranger Things Season 5: David Harbour Hints He Knows Everything about the Final Season Unless Creators Change a Thing

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It looks like David Harbour knows everything that will go down in Stranger Things Season 5. In an interview on The Jimmy Kimmel Show on Wednesday, November 30, the actor revealed he knew what would happen in the hit Netflix series’ last and final season if the creators wouldn’t change a thing.

Stranger Things Season 5 will be the last time fans are about to see Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) and the rest of the gang going against the monsters from the Upside Down. It will also feature their final battle against Vecna (Jamie Campbell Bower), and as it appears, Harbour knows what will happen.

David Harbour Knows Everything Will Happen in Stranger Things Season 5

Sure, the 47-year-old is confident of the things he knows about the final season, but he quips that creators Matt and Ross Duffer still have other surprises to reveal.

"It's so funny I say this; I’ve said this in interviews before," he told Jimmy Kimmel, via E! News. "Immediately after, I get a text from Matt and Ross Duffer saying, 'Oh, so you know everything, huh?'"

So, Kimmel, who’s among the legion of fans who want to know what will happen in the fifth season, tried to squeeze more details from Harbour.

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"Have they not written everything yet?" the host asked.

"We sort of arched out a thing like years ago, once a show got a second season, the first season was just a thing, and once we got a second season, we kind of figured out like what the arch would be of this guy and where it would go,” the Hellboy actor answered. “That's what I'm working with."

Harbour tried his best not to spill anything about his character’s ending, but he teased that there might be last-minute changes.

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"Theoretically, I know what the end of the show is," he continued. “But they like to mess with me and say maybe I don't."

What Will Happen to David Harbour’s Hopper in Stranger Things Season 5?

Though no one knows what will happen to Hopper (Harbour) in Stranger Things Season 5, many hope he will have a happy ending.

Some wish for him to finally have a chance to settle down in peace with Joyce (Winona Ryder) and Eleven to have the family that he wanted, per ScreenRant. However, with the threat of Vecna and the Mind Flayer lurking around, he must keep himself safe to survive.

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Surely, Hopper will not get down without a fight and defend his loved ones now that they are all in Hawkins. But with Eleven on his side, he will probably make it.

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