Stranger Things Billy Actor Set To Take The Lead in New Horror Movie 'Went Up The Hill'

Dacre Montgomery, popularly known for his villainous role in Stranger Things as Billy Hargrove aka Max’s stepbrother, is set to be a lead role in a new upcoming horror movie, Went Up the Hill. It would seem that his character as Jack in this new film is not that far behind his initial role as Billy, seeing as both have become affiliated with otherworldly creatures.

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In Stranger Things, his character was present from Season 2 up to Season 3 where he met his demise, sacrificing his life to save Max and her friends. While in Season 4, he appeared as a guest in form to torture Max’s memory in making her guilty for ‘failing to save him.’ As for his anticipated role in Went Up the Hill, we follow him as Jack, and as the title goes, it mimics the old nursery rhyme of ‘Jack and Jill’ except Jill is his mother’s widow. Jill is set to be played by award-winning Phantom Thread actress Vicky Krieps. Went Up the Hill has the following synopsis:

After being abandoned as a child, Jack (Montgomery) ventures to remote New Zealand to attend the funeral of his estranged mother and there meets her grieving widow, Jill (Krieps). His search for answers becomes dangerous when his mother’s ghost returns to inhabit both Jack and Jill, using each of their bodies to speak to the other, and instigating a life-threatening nocturnal dance between the three of them.

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The film will be directed by Samuel Van Grinsven, who made his feature debut with 2019’s LGBT mystery drama, Sequin in a Blue Room. Deadline had reported how happy the director was with the cast lineup for his second feature:

“It’s thrilling to have Vicky and Dacre embodying these uniquely challenging characters. As two bold artists I admire, it’s an honor to now be crafting this haunting story alongside them. The pair round out our inspiring team of collaborators across Australia, New Zealand and beyond, supporting me in bringing my second feature to the screen.”

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