Stranger Things 4: Dacre Montgomery Seemingly Hints Billy’s Return as Vecna

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After almost 3 years of anticipation, the critically-acclaimed TV show Stranger Things Season 4 is finally slated for this year. Following the first trailer, fans now continue to ponder on the mysteries that will unfold with the renowned show. One puzzle that the fans try to decipher is the upcoming season’s big bad, later revealed as Vecna by the Duffer Brothers, attempting to figure out the villain’s mysterious origins and its connection to the upside-down.

The first trailer teased the return of Eleven together with the Byers family, Hopper’s situation as an inmate in Russia, the Hawkins crew’s reunion, and the show’s main villain, Vecna. Now, who is really Vecna?

As fans continue to theorize the villain’s origins, Stranger Things Season 3 star Dacre Montgomery drops a new Instagram post that seemingly hints at his return in the upcoming season but not as Billy Hargrove, but might be as Vecna.

The image shows Montogomery being prepared with prosthetic makeup, covering his body with red ink that looks like blood.

Australian star Dacre Montgomery took on the role of Billy Hargrove, who plays the main antagonist for Stranger Things Season 3. Billy got possessed by the Mind Flayer in episode 2, and the Mind Flayer used Billy’s body to capture residents of Hawkins, Indiana whom the monster also wants to capture. In Season 3’s finale, Billy sacrificed himself to save her stepsister Max, Eleven, and the Hawkins crew.

To add another stir to this Vecna casting rumor, on last year’s Stranger Things Day, all of the episode titles for Stranger Things Season 4 were released and one of those titles happens to be “Dear Billy.” IMDC Credits also lists Montgomery in the sixth episode titled “The Dive.”

And our theory on this “The Dive” episode is that the Hawkins Crew will dive into the upside-down, officially meeting Vecna, which will reveal the character’s real identity which also happens to be Billy Hargrove.

While the first trailer didn’t reveal any appearance of Billy, it doesn’t mean that the character won’t be returning at all. If ever he won’t be returning as Vecna, Stranger Things might consider bringing flashbacks of Billy that might also be the reason why the character is listed on the IMDB Credits.

Stranger Things Season 4 Part 1 will hit Netflix on May 27.

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