Stranger Things 4: Jamie Campbell Bower Reveals Preparation for Spine-Chilling Vecna Role

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After months of anticipation, the critically acclaimed Stranger Things Season 4 is finally available to stream on Netflix. Following the Hawkins crew's last dive into the frightening dimension called Upside Down, the series also introduced the show's final villain, Vecna, played by Jamie Campbell Bower.


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Stranger Things Season 4 Volume 1 heavily emphasized Bower's Henry Creel, who was later on revealed as Vecna. Although Bower's portrayal of both Henry and Vecna is undeniably outstanding, the actor recently revealed his tremendous preparation for the eerie antagonist role.

In a recent interview with Variety, Stranger Things 4 star Jamie Campbell Bower opens up about his preparations for the spine-chilling Vecna.

After Bower was confirmed for the casting, he was sent "dummy sides" that unveils a little bit about the character.

“I went crazy for, like, two days," he said. “In my apartment, I put a picture of Will Byers in the middle, and then all the other characters around it, and then sort of made this Claire Danes-esque from ‘Homeland’ mind-map of who I thought this person was. I stepped back from it after two days, and was like, that feels kind of good, so I took a picture, and then I printed out all the pictures and put them in this little folder — and then I got a phone call saying Matt and Ross wanted to meet.”

After a successful meeting, Bower requested if he could show them his folder, which apparently, they said yes. “I think they might have just been kind of humoring me. So I presented this thing to them, and then we flipped through it. They looked up at me after going through it, and they went,’ 'Have you been given the scripts?’ I was like, ‘No, honestly, all I’ve been given are your dummy sides, and the two sides from the show."

“They were like, ‘This is literally perfect. Everything that you’ve gotten here is perfect. Your references are perfect. The inspiration is perfect. Do you mind if we show you some more visual references that we have and what we’re thinking, and tell you a little bit more about the character?’ I think by that point, they knew I wasn’t completely insane," Bower concluded.

It's evident that Bower's method-acting might have paid off for his excellent performance as a villain, considering how both Henry Creel and Vecna are extremely terrifying to look at throughout the series. Given that this is the show's endgame, the Duffer brothers' decision to cast Bower into the villain role is evidently going well as the actor's performance is nearly a perfection.

Aside from being a well-written villain, Vecna also marks a significance for the show. Seasons 1 to 3 of Stranger Things focused on evil creatures from the Upside Down, whereas for Vecna, it appears that the menacing villain is the root of the evil dimension. So in order for the Hawkins crew to officially seal the gate of the evil dimension, they must go through Vecna first.

Stranger Things Season 4 Volume 1 is now available to stream on Netflix, while Volume 2 arrives on July 1.

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