Avengers: Full House Mash-up is a Match Made in Heaven

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How would it look like if the Avengers were crossed with the 90s hit sitcom Full House?

Well, you don’t have to wonder anymore as one fan, YouTube user Zach Ace, has made a mash-up of the Full House theme with scenes from the Avengers.


Be forewarned, the Avengers will lose their superhero edge for a full minute and a half to look like your regular household and neighbors. I guess the fact that there are scenes that feature Captain America/Steve Rogers chopping wood blocks, Falcon jogging in the neighborhood, and Hawkeye hugging his family and kids make it all the more domestic.

I can picture Cap as daddy dearest Danny Tanner, if only for being the nice guy who thinks he’s the “raddest” dad there is. Granted, the entire cast doesn’t have an exact fit per character in Full House, but you can easily make up your own story to create your own Avengers House of sorts.

Think of Robert Downey Jr. as Cap’s best friend from college—who just wants to take a break from all of his billionaire exploits.

There’s Scarlett Witch who can be a rebellious daughter and Tom Holland’s Spidey as the nerdy and awkward teenage son. Hawkeye can be the doting uncle, while Thor is the eccentric uncle. Hulk and Black Widow can be the couple next door who always comes to visit bearing pie.

That scene with the tacos though—it’s just perfect way to end it.



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