Star Wars: The Old Republic Expansion Teased With Cool Animated Artwork

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EA and BioWare have revealed the newest expansion for Star Wars: The Old Republic.

Granted, there isn't really a lot to go on with, apart from the name of the new content and a nice visual, seen above. The next expansion is called "Knights of the Eternal Throne." And from the looks of it, the expansion will dare players to "Choose your path to the Eternal Throne."

The new Star Wars: The Old Republic will supposedly launch in the fall later this year, as teased over the official website.


If you haven't dived into the world of Star Wars: The Old Republic, it's a good time to do so now. The developer is offering chapter one as a free-to-play experience. Chapter 1, dubbed The Hunt, will lead you into Star Wars: Knights of the Fallen Empire.

"Step into an epic story-driven adventure as your character becomes The Outlander, a veteran of the Great Galactic War, in Knights of the Fallen Empire—now live! Travel to the Outer Rim of the galaxy to come face-to-face with a new threat, Emperor Valkorion and his Eternal Empire. Choose your path, recruit Companions into your Alliance, and make choices that have power to change destinies, all at the center of your own personal Star Wars saga!"

Subscribers of Star Wars: The Old Republic have the bonus of accessing and playing all chapters of the evolving "Knights of the Fallen Empire" story for free.

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