Star Wars Battlefront 2 May Be EA’s Focus Next Year

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It seems that another one of the notorious annual franchises will be taking a break. Come 2017, Battlefield fans may want to explore other titles to play—or at least, stick with Battlefield 1 or older titles to tide them over.

EA has confirmed during the Nasdaq 35th Investor Program (via DualShockers) that it will be skipping Battlefield, while next year will see the launch of the sequel to Star Wars Battlefront. In addition, Star Wars may be one of the studio's major focus next year, as EA CFO Blake Jorgensen went so far as to confirm that it won't feature Battlefield "back for a couple of years."

Perhaps the good thing here is that the studio will be taking fan feedback seriously when it comes to creating the sequel. That means addressing issues and keeping in mind the problems that occurred as the developers create the game.

"There seems to be no waning in excitement around the Star Wars world. We've got another movie coming up obviously in a few weeks, and people are very excited about it. So we're looking forward to bringing to the table next year a much bigger, much more exciting Battlefront for customers."

I guess the good news here is that the upcoming Star Wars Battlefront 2 will have more material to work with, especially if EA is planning to expand the game.

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