Star Wars Announces New Skywalker Family Novel

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The Skywalker Saga may be over but that doesn't mean we shouldn't revisit the beloved Star Wars characters. Lucasfilm has just announced a new novel Skywalker: A Family At War that puts the focus on the members of sci-fi's most popular family. had previously confirmed the book but the first look at the cover of the upcoming biography has just been revealed. The cover, which features art by Matt Ferguson, puts the spotlight on twins Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia Organa while their father Darth Vader looms behind them. Check it out below.

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Credit: Lucasfilm

Skywalker: A Family At War was written by Kristin Baver, who looked into the lives of the family's origins. The book will cover everyone starting with Shmi Skywalker, her son Anakin Skywalker, and go as far as exploring the lives of Ben Solo and Rey.

Baver admitted that she was delighted to be given the opportunity to work on the book.

"I'm so thrilled to be able to tell the story of the Skywalkers through the lens of a biographer," she said. "From the outset, I knew I wanted to treat the family as if they were real people, with compassion and empathy, while simultaneously crafting an unflinching portrait of their accomplishments and their failures."

Baver continued by stating that all of the Skywalkers had a compelling story to tell.

"These characters are larger than life yet so fragile and unmistakably human, and that comes into focus when you study how their actions impact the greater galaxy and their family," she said.

The book certainly sounds like a great read and would make an excellent present for any Star Wars fan. It's also a meaningful way to revisit the Skywalkers now that the Skywalker Saga is over.

Skywalker: A Family at War will be released by DK Publishing in Spring 2021.

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