Star Wars: Andor Showrunner Teases Cassian's Season 2 Perspective

It's almost time for Andor's premiere, yet Tony Gilroy is already looking beyond the first season. The creator and showrunner of the upcoming Star Wars series is clearly excited about Season 2 and teases how things will be different for Cassian Andor after what he goes through in the first 12 episodes.

We already know that Andor has been renewed for multiple seasons and it sounds like Tony Gilroy is eager to get started on the next few episodes as soon as possible. The showrunner shared with Total Film what we could look forward to in Andor Season 2.

"What's cool is that we'll be introducing new characters in the second half, but there's 25, 30 characters of import that we're carrying forward from one to the next," Gilroy reveals. "You already know them, you already know a lot about them."

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He then adds that Diego Luna's character will have gone through a lot by the time the first season is over and that means big things happening in Season 2.

"Also, Cassian Andor, at the end of 12 episodes, has finally had some sort of an education," Gilroy said. "It takes a long time for him to make a commitment to the Rebellion, but he's kind of there. And so in the second part, we can explore a bunch of different things and time becomes our friend, then."

For now, we're not sure exactly what Cassian goes through in the first season considering that there haven't been a lot of details about the series. Still, we're eager to reunite with the Rebel captain and meet the new characters in the three-episode premiere.

The first three episodes of Andor will premiere on Disney+ on Wednesday, September 21, 2022.

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