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Star Wars: Andor Finale Finally Reveals What The Prisoners Were Building

It has been a long and action-packed journey but the first season of Andor has finally come to an end. Not surprisingly, the Star Wars show's finale offered a glimpse at how powerful the growing Rebel Alliance is going to be. In addition to that, Andor Season 1 Episode 12 has confirmed just what it is that the prisoners of Narkina 5 have been working on all this time.


In the Andor finale, Cassian Andor returned to Ferrix for Maarva's funeral but things quickly went downhill from there. He immediately learned about Bix Caleen's imprisonment while Dedra Meero intended to use the funeral to capture him. All this time, Luthen Rael is plotting to kill Cassian while the Imperial garrison attack.

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Interestingly, things took a turn at the funeral when B2EMO displays a recording of Maarva urging the people to attack the Empire. This leads to chaos and while everyone is fighting, Cassian rescues Bix and other friends so they can escape Ferrix.

Meanwhile, Luthen is inspired by the rebellion and upon returning to his ship, he finds Cassian waiting for him. Cassian knows about Luthen's plan to kill him and tells him to either do so or take him in.

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While this is all exciting on its own, the Andor finale had a surprising post-credits scene showing droids assembling the machinery produced by the Narkina 5 prisoners which makes up the firing section of an Imperial superweapon.

This isn't exactly a huge surprise anymore considering that Star Wars fans have been speculating about whatever it was that the prisoners were being forced to build. Additionally, the Death Star has been a major part of the Rebellion's story and it was only natural for the weapon to be referenced in Andor.

The Andor finale is now streaming on Disney+.

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