Star Wars: Andor Actor Explains Dedra Meero's Rivalry with Blevin

The latest episode of Andor is here and although it's great to catch up with the main players in the Rebellion, Episode 4 also revealed another side of the supervisor of the Galactic Empire's Security Bureau. In Aldhani, we got to meet Lieutenant Supervisor Blevin who has a rivalry with Dedra Meero. Now, Denise Gough is opening up about what Meero truly thinks about Blevin.

In Andor Season 1 Episode 4, the aftermath of the Ambush on Ferrix incident put the focus on the Imperial Security Bureau supervisors as they had a meeting about the incident. The meeting was also attended by Lieutenant Supervisor Blevin and it is immediately made clear that Dedra Meero dislikes the character.

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So why does Meero hate Blevin so much? Denise Gough told Total Film that it has to do with her character's pride in being a woman who has excelled in the Empire.

"What better way to feel good about yourself than to rise up in a predominantly male sphere and become the best at that?" Gough said. "It's important to her – detail is important to her."

She then pointed out that Meero's obvious dislike for Blevin has a lot to do with how he does his job, if he even does it at all.

"That adversary that I have in there, what she doesn't like about him is that he's lazy, and laziness is something that she cannot tolerate," Gough said. "And, without making it too much of a gender-specific thing, she is somebody who has to work 10 times harder than him to even get noticed for doing the same thing."

Most women can certainly relate to Dedra Meero on his level, just not in the way of working of the Galactic Empire. Needless to say, we're looking forward to seeing more of the rivalry between Meero and Blevin in the upcoming episodes of Andor.

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