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What Happened to Cassian's Sister In Andor?

What Happened to Cassian's Sister In Andor
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In Andor - the new series that turned out to be an unlikely Star Wars triumph - Cassian Andor's establishing character moment has him searching for his sister, with whom he got separated as a child. So, what happened to Cassian's sister in Andor and will he ever find her?

What Happened to Cassian's Sister in Andor?

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The fate of Cassian's sister is unclear. In Episode 1, Cassian arrives on a new planet, looking for her at a brothel when he found out that a native of Kenari - his home planet - worked there.

Throughout the first episodes, flashbacks provide snapshots of Cassian's early life, up to the point where Cassian was rescued by Maarva and taken away from his home planet, never to see his sister again.

Cassian - then known as Kassa - and his sister, Kerri, were among a group of children who seemed to be living alone without adult supervision and in opposition to the Empire.

At some point, the children's leader, a teenage girl, is killed. Later on, Cassian is found by Maarva and her collaborator. Despite the latter's protests, Maarva took young Cassian with her to save him from death at the hands of the Empire and raised him as a foster mother.

The other Kenari children are last seen carrying the body of their dead leader and their fate is not specified, though it's strongly implied that they died too.

It is not entirely clear whether Cassian has always looked for his sister since that time, or if he had obtained any specific clues regarding her whereabouts, though it's presumed that he should at least have some kind of lead, given that he's aware of a young Kenari woman working in the brother where he went to look.

In their last confrontation, where Maarva informs Cassian of her decision to stay put and work for the Rebellion, she also mentions that she believes Cassian's sister to be dead, and that he's deluding himself but continuing his search for her. However, she doesn't say if she has any proof for that, or if she simply believes this to be the logical conclusion.

Will Cassian Find His Sister?

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This doesn't leave him much time to keep looking for his sister. However, we do believe that the focus on her couldn't have been by chance. Even if she is not alive, it's likely that we'll learn more about her or that Cassian will get some closure.

Because this is Andor and not the latest Star Wars movie trilogy - where it felt like each film tried to cancel what its predecessor established - we believe that, despite what Maarva's thought, Cassian's sister might yet play some role in the series finale or a potential Andor Season 2. 

Initially, some fans had theorized that Bix could actually be Cassian's sister because they believed she looked similar to Kerri as seen in the flashbacks. However, this is a stretch, as Kassa and Kerri didn't look too young to remember the events of the flashbacks and it's unlikely that they wouldn't have recognized each other.

Moreover, later episodes revealed that Cassian and Bix had an on/off romantic relationship during their time cooperating, which put the theory to rest.

Ultimately, we might not know the full truth about Cassian's sister until the series ends but we'll update you with more information if and when Andor makes the big reveal!

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