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Star Trek Producer Shares Update on Possible Anthology Series Starring Classic Characters

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Earlier this month, Trekkies were buzzing about a planned anthology series that would bring back classic characters from Star Trek shows like The Original Series and Deep Space Nine. So is the show actually moving forward soon? Star Trek: Picard producer Akiva Goldsman was the one who pitched the idea and he has dropped an update about its development!

In early February, Akiva Goldsman shared his idea of an anthology series that would focus on one particular Star Trek character in each episode. The producer pointed out that it would be the best way to catch up with long-lost characters and give them a new adventure.

Not surprisingly, fans loved the idea and have been waiting for the show to finally be announced. However, Goldsman has confirmed with CBR that his pitch hasn't gained momentum at all.

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"The anthology show is sadly not a real thing. It was me riffing. There are zero plans for an anthology show," Goldsman confessed.

The series, which Goldsman wanted to call Tales Of The Federation, would have been a great way to reintroduce characters to younger fans and create new stories for them. Unfortunately, it looks like this will remain an awesome pitch, at least for now. Stay tuned for more updates on this story.

While the anthology series isn't moving forward, Goldsman did point out that a fourth season of Star Trek: Picard could happen, depending on the circumstances.

"The door is always open for a Season 4 but, as of now, it's just three seasons. It was always planned to be three seasons. If some combination of CBS, Patrick [Stewart], and the world [asked for] Season 4, I'm sure we'd all engage it but, no, it remains a three-season show," Goldsman said.


Star Trek: Picard will premiere on Paramount+ on March 3, 2022.

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