Star Trek: Picard Co-Creator Pitches Anthology Series Starring Classic Characters

There is little doubt that Akiva Goldsman is responsible for one of the coolest shows in the past few years. As the co-creator of Star Trek: Picard, he made sure we'd get to see Jean-Luc Picard take on completely new adventures. But is it possible that Goldsman will also ensure the return of beloved characters from The Original Series and other Star Trek shows? The producer has just pitched an awesome plan for an anthology show that will bring back some classic characters!

Goldsman recently spoke to SFX magazine where he admitted that he would love to explore new stories involving classic Star Trek characters. To do so, the Star Trek: Strange New Worlds co-creator suggests an anthology series with episodes focusing on one character at a time.

"There's something that I like, which I think Robert Kirkman is doing right now with The Walking Dead, which is a kind of... I'll call it Tales Of The Federation, where you would just do one-offs, right?" Goldsman said. "So you could bring George Takei back for an hour, and do a show about Sulu as an older man, or find Jonathan Archer having now retired from his Enterprise and being on Earth, just do these certain really interesting ones."

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He continued by pointing out this was something that would work so well for Trekkies who want to catch up with some of their favorite characters.

"You could grab anybody, from all the shows, because it's really hard to find enough for a series, but there are an endless amount of episodes, as anthology series are finding their way back. They were sort of a staple when I was a boy. A Star Trek-based one of those I think would be super fun," Goldsman said.

We're loving this idea but it's also important to point out that this is just a pitch for now. However, we wouldn't be surprised if an official announcement will be made in the future.

For now, the anthology series is just a pitch. In the meantime, fans can look forward to Star Trek: Picard Season 2, which premieres on Paramount+ on March 3, 2022.

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