Star Trek: Picard Season 2 has Already Been Given the Green Light

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Star Trek: Picard has a lot of fans excited since it finally features the return of this legendary Next Generation character, with Patrick Stewart reprising the role to boot. The show will get a lot of people to sign up for the CBS Access streaming service as if the other Star Trek series wasn't enough for some. This won't just be a one night stand either since Picard has already been picked up for a second season.

That's right, Star Trek: Picard Season 2 has been confirmed, though it will have a different showrunner. While this might not mean much now since the show hasn't even come out yet, Michael Chabon, the showrunner for this first season, will still be around for the second season; he just won't run it. At most, he will likely just be there to help around and maybe write some episodes.


Picard Season 2, like the first season, will have 10 episodes but will have a bigger budget. While the first season has a nifty $15 million, which is absolutely nothing to sneeze at, the second season will have a fairly big $20 million. The additional $5 million will ensure bigger effects for any possible CGI scenes, not to mention travel time, equipment repair, and everything else associated with filmmaking.

Currently, Star Trek: Picard is scheduled for a January 23, 2020 release for CBS Access. The second season doesn't have a release date.

Via Deadline

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