Star Trek Actor Sonequa Martin-Green Confirms Georgiou Won't Return in Discovery Season 4

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There is little doubt that most Trekkies are still hoping for Philippa Georgiou's return in Star Trek: Discovery Season 4. However, it looks like Sonequa Martin-Green has officially confirmed that Michelle Yeoh's character will not be back in the show's next season.

In Star Trek: Discovery Season 3, Georgiou was revealed to be dying due to her molecules being too far from her original timeline and universe. To save her, Michael Burnham finds a way to bring Georgiou back to the Mirror Universe. After a test from the Guardian of Forever, Georgiou is sent to a place where she can survive.


It seemed like a fitting conclusion for the character but many fans argued that there is still a chance Georgiou will return in Star Trek: Discovery Season 4. However, Martin-Green confirmed with Deadline that she had already said her goodbyes to Yeoh, indicating that the actress will not be returning in the future.

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Martin-Green stated that she had learned a lot from Yeoh during their time working together on Discovery and found it difficult to say goodbye to her friend.

"It always is when you get so close with these people, the people with who you're blessed to tell this story. That's the hardest part, when they leave," she said.


Unfortunately, we won't be seeing more of Georgiou in Discovery. On the other hand, fans can still expect to see Yeoh in action in the Star Trek spin-off series Section 31.

Star Trek: Discovery Season 4 is currently in production. Although it has not yet been given an official release date, it is expected to premiere on CBS All Access next year.

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