Star Trek: Discovery Michelle Yeoh Talks on Georgiou’s Exit and Hints on Section 31 Spin-Off

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The recent episode of Star Trek: Discovery showed the cast as they bid goodbye to Michelle Yeoh as her character Terran Emperor Philippa Georgiou is leaving the show. The Guardian of Forever proved how Georgiou can be capable of change, and why she was granted a second lease in life. However, that means that she will be leaving the Discovery team.

Yeoh revealed that her exit from the show would set the stage for the development of a Section 31 spin-off, which she will lead. Yeoh stated that it wasn't planned in this way. The actress stated that it came to a point where it was needed for Emperor Georgiou to go on more journeys. When asked by TV Insider if fans will still see her on Discovery, she stated, "I hope so. Georgiou is such an intriguing and wonderful character on so many different levels, not just as herself but what she brings and instigates through the other characters that it seems like we can't get rid of her and shouldn't."

Star Trek: Discovery actress Michelle Yeoh as Philippa Georgiou
Credit: CBS

Yeoh hinted at a Section 31 spin-off by stating that Emperor Georgiou's journey has not ended yet. Shea added that it depends on whether her journey will come to an abrupt end. When asked about her exit signaling for a Section 31 entry, the actress said, " I really do hope to continue to tell all the adventures of Philippa Georgiou because she is such an amazing character that any actor would kill to have this part. I know the EPs and writers and my team are still working very hard because we have a lot more stories to tell. I hope it will be very soon."

Star Trek: Discover Michelle Yeoh as the Emperor Philippa Georgiou meeting the crew.
Credit: CBS

Yeoh hinting at Section 31 as a spin-off makes it exciting for fans but it doesn't come as a surprise. On January 19, before Star Trek: Discovery aired, CBS announced that is developing a new series that aims to expand Emperor Georgiou as a member of Starfleet's Section 31 division, which is a shadow organization within the Federation on Discovery.

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