Every Star Trek: Discovery Storyline That Will be Picked Up in Season 4

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The third season of Star Trek: Discovery is finally over and the crew has once again been sent out on a new and exciting mission. But what can we expect in Star Trek: Discovery Season 4? Here are all the storylines that the next season will pick up and it looks like we'll get to learn more about Michael Burnham, Paul Stamets, Saru, Gray, and Tilly.

Michael Burnham as Discovery Captain

The episode That Hope Is You, Part 2 concluded with Burnham becoming the new captain of the Discovery after Saru chose to stay with Su'Kal and help the Kelpien adjust to life on Kaminar. It's an exciting milestone for Burnham whose journey has been long and tiring so it will be great to see how she adjusts to her new role. But what could that mean for Saru?


Will Saru Return in Star Trek: Discovery Season 4?

There is little doubt that Saru will continue to be a major player in the series since his trip to Kaminar doesn't have to last forever. Co-showrunner Michelle Paradise pointed out that Saru will be back in Season 4 and actor Doug Jones even teased on his character's future.

"Is it difficult to return to a ship that you had captained and be a subordinate? Is there some connection to Kaminar now? Oh, maybe ambassador Saru, for Kaminar to the Federation, one day. There are many options and many places we can go with it and I am looking forward to that, what is ahead," Jones told The Ready Room (via TrekMovie).

Will Stamets Forgive Burnham?

There is little doubt that Burnham's decision to jettison Stamets out of Discovery was an important one considering it was the only way to prevent Osyraa from using him for her plans. However, Trekkies are concerned that this will put a strain on his relationship with the new Captain, especially now that her boyfriend has taken Stamets' job.

Credit: CBS

So will Stamets accept that Burnham's decision was a life-saving one? Paradise confirmed that Stamets will eventually get over it. "Ultimately he's going to understand that she was doing what she needed to do in the moment and the thing he couldn't do," she said.

Will The Other Crew Members Finally See Gray?

Gray spent most of the third season being seen only by Adira but it looks like he will finally get a chance to play a larger role in Star Trek: Discovery Season 4.

"We will absolutely follow up [Gray being seen] in Season 4. That storyline is incredibly important to us," Paradise said. She also revealed that Tilly is set for a breakthrough in the next season.

Credit: CBS

"[Saru] sees strength in [Tilly] she doesn't quite see in herself necessarily and then watching her over the course of the season become more confident in herself to the place where she's ultimately able to serve as Number One and then no one sees it coming but having to essentially be acting captain in this crisis and she handles herself beautifully," she said. "What does that mean to come is I'm sure a question she'll be asking herself and we'll be exploring in Season 4."

These are truly exciting confirmations and we can't wait for the next season of Discovery.

Star Trek: Discovery Season 4 has not yet been given an official release date. Stay tuned for more updates on this story.

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