Star Trek Actor Reveals It Was Painful Watching Himself on Screen

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William Shatner is one of the most iconic foundations of the Star Trek universe. In fact, when anyone hears about the actor, they would likely be reminded of his role in the franchise. Shatner played Captain James Kirk which many fans loved throughout the years. However, the new revelation from the 90-year-old actor reveals that he had never watched Star Trek he starred in.

Shatner has never really watched the shows or movies in the Star Trek franchise that he has starred in. According to the actor, the only Star Trek project that he watched was Star Trek V: The Final Frontier, which is the project that he directed so he had to watch it.

According to his statement in a recent interview with People, Shatner talked about playing the role of Captain James Kirk. In the interview, he also shared the fact that he has never watched any Star Trek project, aside from the one he directed.


Shatner said that there are many episodes and movies that he doesn't know. He directed one of the movies which is why he needed to watch that specific movie. He revealed that it was painful because he doesn't like the way he looks and also what he does. He finds it painful to watch himself act as Captain James Kirk.

William Shatner in Star Trek
Credit: Paramount

Since the actor is already in his 90s, hopefully, he will be able to watch his projects and other Star Trek franchise. Currently, Shatner is preparing for the release of his latest project titled Senior Moment. The film features Shatner in the role of Victor, a retired NASA pilot. Victor's license gets taken away after he was found speeding away with his vintage Porsche convertible.

Senior Moment will be released on March 26, 2021.


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