William Shatner Will Celebrate 90th Birthday With Fans on the Set of Star Trek Event

William Shatner will be returning to New York state for his upcoming birthday celebration in the summer. Shatner played Captain James T. Kirk in the popular Star Trek. He is scheduled to visit Ticonderoga on July 23, 2021, as part of a set recreation. His visit will be a belated celebration of the actor's 90th birthday in March.

The actor will celebrate his 90th birthday with a very special event at the Star Trek Set Tour for two days, from July 23 to 24. Shatner is totally fine not returning to his iconic role but he is more willing to celebrate his birthday back on the USS Enterprise.

The two-day event will be on the specific set for Star Trek: The Original Series. The exhibit is popular among fans for its being an exact replica of the bridge set where Shatner played the role of Captain James Kirk and gave orders in Star Trek: The Original Series.

Trekkies can buy the early bird general admission ticket for $49.99. They can also grab the more expensive option, which includes images and autographs. The organizers of the event, list a $1,500 VIP package. The expensive package includes a birthday dinner celebration, autograph, photo, and a bridge chat with the actor.

The replica set for the original Star Trek will be the closest fans will see Shatner returning to the infamous "bridge." Comicbook.com talked with Shatner where he shared his thoughts on returning to television.

Shatner revealed that he is not interested in doing a series. Even for a young guy, doing a series can be debilitating.

Shatner said, "That word, ‘resurrect.' That's a keyword. Resurrect. You'd have to resurrect me, Shatner, in order to do the daily. Doing a series is debilitating for a young guy, for a 25-year-old, which I was doing when I was 25 years old. It's a physical wrecker, it's a mental wrecker, and it's a homewrecker ‘cause you're working 14, 18 hours a day. And in the last series I did, Boston Legal, I had, in rush hour, a two-hour commute. So add that. So no, I would not be interested in doing a series, per se."

Star Trek: The Original Series
was released on September 8, 1966, and the first project in the Star Trek franchise.

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