Squid Game Ending Explained: Did Lee Jung Jae Take Home The 45.6 Billion Won Prize?

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Credit: Netflix

Squid Game is just made available for online streaming on Netflix and it has been continuously topping trending lists all over the world. It seems that the Netflix Original Kdrama captured the attention of many, with some even creating theories and speculations of each of its episodes, especially its ending.

Warning! Major spoilers ahead! Read at your own risk.

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What is the plot and storyline of Squid Game?

squid game netflix ending explained
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Credit: Netflix

Squid Game is a Netflix series that tells the thrilling lives of people who participate in a mysterious survival game. The petty games assigned to the players were common Korean games they played during childhood, except with a terrible and risky twist.

It is all a good time to reminisce the early days of their lives while playing these familiar games, however, it is not just a competition wherein the loser of each game will go home empty-handed. Instead, the participants have to remain alive through six bloody and ruthless games to be able to win 45.6 billion won or approximately $40 million and become the final champion.

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Squid Game Episode 9 Recap: Did Lee Jung Jae Take Home The Prize?

After a cruel conclusion of Sang Woo (Park Hae Soo) and Gi Hun (Lee Jung Jae) making it to the final game, the two go back to their childhood days to play the squid game. The result of the game had everyone bawling their eyes out, hoping that they should just cancel the game and go home together. However, Sang Woo killed himself in the final game and had Gi Hun win the prize money. He made him promise to take care of his mother.

When Gi Hun was released from the island where the games are happening, he was left with a credit card that contains his prize money. Despite winning billions, Gi Hun only withdrew 10,000 won (approximately $9) and went straight to his home. There, he found his mother lying cold on the floor which devastated his whole remaining life.

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Squid Game Episode 9 Is A Rollercoaster Ride With Lots Of Twists And Turns

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Credit: Netflix

A year passed and Gi Hun suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder which hindered him from spending his money. One day, when he was out and wandering about, he received an invitation from the game's grandmaster, only for him to discover that the host is none other than the old man Oh Il Nam, player number 001.

Il Nam revealed he is one of the wealthy individuals who founded the games around the world. Gi Hun felt dumbfounded when he found out that the lives taken from the games were only for their own entertainment and to ease the rich people's boredom.

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Squid Game Episode 9 Teaches That There Is Still Kindness Around

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Credit: Netflix

As Il Nam lies down at a hospital bed, he proposes a bet with Gi Hun. Outside the building, there is a drunk man who is lying on the cold streets. Il Nam bets no one will help the man until the clock strikes 12, but Gi Hun believes there will be at least a single person with kindness.

Lots of people were only passing by which had Gi Hun slowly lose his hope in humanity. However, as soon as the clock strikes 12, the same person whom he thought was a robber came back with the police to rescue the drunk man.

When he looked back to Il Nam, the old man was now lifeless. Gi Hun leaves the building and decides to make use of his money on helping other people, especially the ones he was within the games.

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Squid Game Ending Explained

When Gi Hun left a huge amount of money to Sang Woo's mother along with the custody over Saebyeok's younger brother, he went to the airport to head to his daughter in the states. He dyed his hair red and while he was running his way to the airport, he sees a familiar person opposite his train track.

He took the gold card from the man who was just recruited to participate in the Squid Game. As he prepares to board the plane to the states, he contacts the number on the card and gets connected to the new gamemaster.

After a moment of contemplating, Gi Hun decides to turn back to find out all the persons behind the games. It was a risky thing to do, and some even thought Gi Hun was dumb to chase over the people responsible for the games instead of going to his daughter. But, because Gi Hun has a strong sense of care for humanity and of course, he had been friends with the people in the games, he wanted to at least do something and avenge their deaths.

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Will Squid Game Have Season 2?

Squid Game has been on the trending lists for days now after its premiere on September 17, 2021. It is currently streaming online on Netflix and many have felt familiar with the Kdrama, with some comparisons with the Japanese series Alice in Borderland.

As of this article writing, Squid Game has yet to be confirmed for season 2. However, because of the cliffhanger in the ending, there are lots of possibilities for Squid Game season 2. It can continue with Gi Hun participating in the games again and can also explore the new gamemaster's reason why he is continuing the games for entertainment.

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