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Cliffhanger Release Date, Spoilers & Cast: Jun Ji Hyun, Ju Ji Hoon Are Brave Souls In New Teaser For New Mystery Drama

Credit: tvN

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The leads of Kingdom and Kingdom: Ashin of the North are uniting for the upcoming tvN Kdrama Cliffhanger!

In particular, a teaser poster that contains strong images of Jun Ji Hyun and Ju Ji Hoon surprised viewers. Amid the sudden fire in Mount Jiri, Jun Ji Hyun marches into the scene filled with determination to save the mountain and rescue civilians affected by the fire. The flames spreading throughout the mountain created blazing scarlet flames that fill all directions, simply showing the situation of a dilemma.

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Credit: tvN

The poster also includes a line from Jun Ji Hyun's character, "Our job is to survive from a dangerous place and return safely."

Heightened curiosity is also focused on whether Jun Ji Hyun will successfully protect her people and escape safely despite the dangerous forest fire.

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Jun Ji Hyun And Ju Ji Hoon Are Brave Souls In Teaser Video For New Mystery Drama Cliffhanger

tvN also revealed two separate teaser videos of the leads Jun Ji Hyun and Ju Ji Hoon for the new mystery drama Cliffhanger.

In the first video shorts, Jun Ji Hyun is seen braving the heavy snowstorm on her way to the mountain. The actress is dressed well for the adventure however with a worried face drawn all over her face.

On the other hand, the teaser for Ju Ji Hoon displays the actor's charisma as he points the flashlight, seemingly in search of something or someone. Bravery surrounds the scene as he chooses to get closer and investigate rather than backing out with his team. Then, he is seen at the top of the mountain however looking confused and disoriented.

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What is the plot and storyline of the new tvN Kdrama Cliffhanger?

tvN's new Kdrama Cliffhanger is a mystery series that will focus on the adventure met by the rangers and employees of the Mount Jiri National Park. The drama will unfold the truth behind the mysterious and unexplored incidents in the regions of the mountain where they will strive hard to take track of survivors and lost trekkers.

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When is the release date of the tvN Kdrama Cliffhanger?

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The new mystery Kdrama Cliffhanger is one of tvN's 15th-anniversary special projects. Cliffhanger is set to premiere sometime in October 2021. The series will be directed by Lee Eung Bok. The screenplay is written by Kim Eun Hee, who also worked with Jun Ji Hyun and Ju Ji Hoon in the blockbuster zombie period drama, Kingdom and Kingdom: Ashin of the North.

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