Spy x Family Episode 7 Finally Introduces Yor's Brother Yuri

Spy x Family Episode 7 is finally here and we got a glimpse at how Anya Forger tried to fix things with Damian Desmond, thanks to some encouragement from her father Loid Forger. Although that didn't turn out too well, the episode also teased another problem for the Forgers as Yor Forger's brother Yuri Briar finally learns about her marriage in a surprise post-credits scene!

In Spy x Family Episode 7, Anya Forger decided that she should apologize to Damian Desmond after her father told her that she should avoid fights at school and it would be best to say sorry to her classmate. However, Becky Blackbell repeatedly keeps her from approaching the boy, saying that he isn't worth their time.

Interestingly, Loid follows his daughter to Eden Academy and keeps dropping hints to convince her to apologize. When Loid successfully gets Becky to leave Anya alone, Anya immediately approaches Damian and bursts into tears as she apologizes.

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However, Damian realizes he has feelings for her and rejects her apology in embarrassment. After seeing this, Loid decides that the Friendship Scheme aka Plan B has failed and the Forgers will need to stick to Plan A where Anya needs to be an honor student.

To achieve this, Loid forces Anya to study harder but she is overwhelmed by the lesson and locks herself in her room. Yor talks to Loid about being too harsh on Anya and he realizes that he must first be a good father to the girl.

The episode concludes with Loid discovering that Anya had fallen asleep while studying. However, there is a post-credits scene where Yuri Briar encounters Dominic who tells him that Yor has gotten married.

It's an interesting debut for Yuri since fans have been hoping to see him in the anime. Needless to say, we will get to officially meet him in the next episode.

Spy x Family Episode 8 is titled The Counter-Secret Police Cover Operation ("Taihimitsu Keisatsu Gisō Sakusen") and will premiere on Saturday, May 28, 2022.

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