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Special Spy x Family Video Features New Footage Celebrating the Forger Family

Spy x Family Special Video Yor Forger

With the show’s second half about to end soon, Spy x Family released a special video for the second opening song Souvenir that features new footage of the Forger family.

The new video serves as a sort of greatest-hits collection of the show’s best moments while including new footage to tie things together.

It also functions as another music video for Bump of Chicken's opening for the anime's second cour.

Spy x Family: One of 2022’s Biggest Anime Hits

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Spy x Family premiered in April 2022, and it quickly took the anime world by storm.

Aside from becoming a massive hit among anime fans, it proved to be a popular show even for more casual viewers, both in Japan and internationally.

The show’s success is thought to be a combination of many factors. Aside from its interesting premise of having a spy, an assassin, and a telepath form a family, it also features impressive animation and a beautiful art style.

It also helps that Anya Forger, one of its main characters, has lots of meme-worthy faces and is praised for being an accurate depiction of kids.

Thanks to its popularity, the series has released lots of merch and has collaborated with the likes of Lawson and Burger King.

These collabs feature exclusive menu items as well as limited-edition merchandise and other goodies.

Another project that’s coming soon is a stage musical. Announced back in May, the Spy x Family stage play will adapt the series’ story, albeit with new original songs to be performed by Loid, Yor, and Anya.

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Bump of Chicken 'Souvenir' Music Video

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As a split-cour release, Spy x Family Part 2 featured a new opening theme by the Japanese band Bump of Chicken.

Despite already having a music video of its own, the song Souvenir was once again used for this Spy x Family special video that highlights the Forger family trio.

While fans will no doubt notice many of the scenes in the video, there are some wholesome new moments featuring the family.

You may check it out here:

Though this isn’t the first time that the series released a special music video to further promote the anime.

Previously, an Anya-themed music video was released featuring the song GOOD DAY by the Japanese music group (K)NoW_NAME.

Spy x Family continues with Episode 24 which will be released tomorrow on Crunchyroll in the US and other countries.

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Source: TOHO animation's YouTube channel

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