Who Are the New Characters in Spy x Family Part 2?

Who Are the New Characters in Spy x Family Part 2 Anya and Bond

Who Are the New Characters in Spy x Family Part 2 Anya and Bond

Spy x Family Part 2 is set to air on October 1, 2022. Fans who were hooked on the action and comedy anime have been waiting for months to see what happens next. When the key visual for Spy x Family Part 2 was released, fans noticed some new characters. Who are they and what will their part be?

Based on the key visual, fans will still see their favorite Forger family consisting of Anya, Loid, and Yor. The visual also includes Yuri Briar, Damian, and Becky, among others.

The spy series will be available on Crunchyroll and Netflix just like the first part.

Without further ado, here are the two new characters in Spy x Family Part 2.

Bond Forger

spy x family part 2 new characters Bond Forger
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Formerly known as Subject 8, Bond Forger is a male white dog that appears to be a Great Pyrenees considering his long coat and large stature. Bond will become the pet of the Forger family.

Before he was owned by them, Bond was used in different experiments which led to him gaining amazing precognition abilities.

Bond's ability allows him to briefly see into the future. He has proven from time to time that he can change the future as long as he does the right course of action.

With Anya’s telepathic abilities and Bond’s precognition skills, the duo can save their loved ones without much difficulty.

Bond and Anya first worked together to prevent the death of Loid Forger. Despite his kind and helpful personality, Bond can also be overzealous which could lead him to dangerous situations.

Just like other pets, Bond can get jealous and be petty too, just like when he destroyed Anya’s penguin to get more attention from her.

Fiona Frost

Fiona is a spy from WISE who uses the codename "Nightfall." Currently, she is undercover as Loid Forger's assistant to help him with his ongoing mission.

She is a pale woman with bobbed light lavender hair. She usually has an emotionless expression which was taught to her by Loid.

What's interesting is that beneath her stone-cold face, she makes a mental confession of love to Loid from time to time.

Fiona believes that she is the right partner for Loid and hopes that he and Yor will eventually separate to have him all to herself.

It was Loid who trained her to be a spy, and as the two spent time together, she unconsciously developed feelings for him.

When he was assigned to Operation Strix, Fiona was supposed to play the role of his wife, but due to her mission, she was unable to take on the task.

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