Spy x Family Episode 7 Reveals Damian's True Feelings for Anya

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The latest episode of Spy x Family is finally here and fans are loving it for a lot of reasons. For instance, Episode 7 gave us the anime debut of Yuri Briar, who appeared as a child and in the present in the post-credits scene. However, fans can't stop talking about how we finally learned how Damian Desmond truly feels about Anya Forger despite their previous encounter in Episode 6.

In Spy x Family Episode 6, Anya tried to reach out to Damian after learning that her father is counting on Plan B aka the Friendship Scheme to help him succeed in his mission to infiltrate the Desmond household. However, Damian isn't interested in being friends with Anya and when he continues to bully her, she punches him and earns a Tonitrus Bolt.

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When they see each other again in Spy x Family Episode 7, Anya attempts to make things work with Damian but is ultimately rejected. However, the episode also showed viewers what is going through Damian's head as he interacted with Anya. Interestingly, it is somehow confirmed that the boy had fallen in love with the young Forger.

But will Damian actually admit how he truly feels about Anya? The preview for Spy x Family Episode 8 reveals that there are other things for the Forgers to worry about. It is revealed that Yuri Briar is finally coming to meet his sister's husband Loid Forger. However, Yor Forger is clearly worried about the meeting despite Yuri looking quite happy with a bouquet of flowers. Yuri is determined to learn more about this mysterious man and we can't wait to find out how he'll react when he finds out that Loid and Yor have a daughter.

Spy x Family Episode 8 is titled The Counter-Secret Police Cover Operation ("Taihimitsu Keisatsu Gisō Sakusen") and will premiere on Saturday, May 28, 2022.

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