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Spy x Family Episode 6 Preview Teases New Characters' Debut, Anya's Best Face Yet

We just got the fifth episode of Spy x Family but it looks like people are already looking forward to next week's episode. After all, the preview for Spy x Family Episode 6 has been revealed and it teases the arrival of some new characters as well as the debut of Anya Forger's best face in the anime so far!

The Spy x Family Episode 6 preview was dropped right after the fifth episode concluded and it shows that there are a lot of awesome things to look forward to next week. We get to see Handler, Twilight's main contact with WISE, as well as Anya getting fitted for her uniform. Interestingly, the teaser also shows small glimpses of Anya's classmates at Eden Academy before concluding with Anya's smug smile.

We are loving the preview since it means we'll finally get to meet Becky Blackbell and Damian Desmond. However, people are also looking forward to Spy x Family Episode 6 for another glimpse at Anya's smile which has been a beloved meme among manga readers.

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Spy x Family's latest episode was an exciting one as Anya somehow got into Eden Academy. To celebrate his daughter's success, Loid Forger agreed to rent a castle where the family (and some of Ostania's WISE agents) reenacted Bondman's latest mission. The episode even featured Loid having to go up against a drunk Yor Forger as she played a witch who had taken Anya hostage. In the end, everyone congratulated Anya for getting into the school and she promises Loid she will do her best.

Spy x Family Episode 6 is titled The Friendship Scheme ("Nakayoshi Sakusen") and will follow the manga's Chapters 7 and 8 where Anya prepares to start her school life at Eden Academy. The new episode will air on Saturday, May 14, 2022.

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