Spy x Family Releases Adorable Stills for Episode 7

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One of the anime shows that is really making some noise for this season is Spy x Family and everyone just loves how Anya is finally going to school into the prestigious Eden College while her parents are still being the spies that they are. The stills for Episode 7 are just released and it is adorable!

Via Twitter, Spy x Family Manga shared the new stills for the upcoming run of Spy x Family, Episode 7, which gives the floor to Anya getting into school as she tries to make friends to be able to be closer to the target of her father, all while concealing the fact that she is a telepath who reads the minds of everyone around her.

The same Twitter outlet also shared the preview of Spy x Family Episode 7 titled “Target the Second Son.”

Spy x Family just passed a quarter of the whole season given that it would run for 24 episodes. The manga series is still ongoing with the brilliance of Tatsuya Endo. While there is still no confirmation yet as to the second season of the show, it is highly likely to have another run considering the popularity that the anime show gained over the first few episodes.

Spy x Family revolves around a spy who tries to build a family in order to fulfill a mission but without realizing that his fake family is nothing near normal: his adopted daughter is a mind reader and his fake wife turns out to be an assassin.

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Spy x Family is produced by Wit Studio and Cloverworks with a creative team composed of Kazuhiro Furuhashi as director, Kazuaki Shimada as character designer, and [K]NoW_NAME as the music composer. The anime show has been confirmed to be a split cour which means that there would be a three-month break before the second part of the season airs again.

Crunchyroll secured the license to air the series outside of Asia and they offer the following premium subscription plans: FAN, an ad-free plan with unlimited access to Crunchyroll’s roster of shows available to stream an hour after the release of an episode for one device for $7.99 per month; and MEGA FAN, the same perks but this time, it has offline viewing and availability for four devices at a time for $9.99 per month or $79.99 per year.

Spy x Family airs weekly on Crunchyroll.


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