Spy x Family Episode 20 Introduces Twilight's Fellow Spy Nightfall

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Spy x Family Episode 20 has just arrived and Anya Forger has once again tried to help her father complete his mission. Interestingly, the new episode also shared our first look at Loid Forger's fellow spy who is set to play a bigger role in the anime.

Spy x Family Episode 20 Features Nightfall's Debut

In Spy x Family Episode 20, Anya Forger is given an assignment to learn more about a career that she hopes to pursue. She asks to observe Loid Forger in his workplace and her father agrees to take her to Berlint Hospital. However, she is secretly more interested in working as a spy and upon reading Loid's mind, learns about a secret escape route in his office.


When Loid is called away by a WISE agent, Anya explores the escape route and gets stuck above a room where a group of doctors are terrified by the noises she makes, believing she is a ghost. Luckily, Anya makes it back into her father's office and later reports about her experience in class.

It was only a brief scene but the agent who calls Loid away was actually Nightfall, who is working undercover for the Berlint Hospital to deliver missions to Twilight. Although she only appeared briefly in Spy x Family Episode 20, the agent is set to play a larger role next week.


Spy x Family Episode 21 Preview Focuses on Nightfall

The preview for Spy x Family Episode 21 confirms that Fiona Frost will return next week and this time, it looks like the episode will be all about her. With that in mind, we are set to finally learn more about Nightfall in the anime.


Spy x Family Episode 21 is titled Nightfall/First Fit of Jealousy ("Tobari/Hajimete no Shitto") and is set to premiere on Saturday, November 26, 2022.

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