Spy x Family Episode 16 Sends Yor and Loid on Their Most Challenging Missions So Far

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Spy x Family Episode 16 is finally here and it's a refreshing change from preventing a massacre to an all-out war. Still, the latest episode of the beloved anime presented a major challenge for Yor and Loid Forger as they set out on missions that are unlike anything they have ever taken.

The first part of Spy x Family Episode 16 revealed that Yor Forger has been coming home late, delaying dinner for Loid and Anya Forger. Still, when she does arrive, Yor claims that she isn't hungry and doesn't want to eat.


As it turns out, Yor has been on a mission to get better at cooking. Initially, she begs her coworkers to help her but all of the women decline. That changes when Dominic tells Yor that Camilla is an excellent cook and volunteers his girlfriend to provide lessons.

Not surprisingly, Camilla isn't happy about this but agrees to help Yor and Dominic even invites Yor's brother Yuri Briar to taste the food. Unfortunately, Yor's cooking is still terrible until Camilla gets a spark of inspiration. She convinces Yor to cook something she and Yuri remember from their childhood and it turns out to be a hit.


When Yor finally cooks the stew for Loid and Anya, they enjoy her cooking for the first time and she realizes that making them smile makes her happy. Unfortunately, her original recipe doesn't have the same effect.

Meanwhile, Franky calls on Loid for an unexpected mission: to help him ask his crush out on a date. Loid realizes this is a difficult task but ultimately agrees to help Franky by giving him some training in conversing with a woman.


After a long training, Franky claims he is ready to ask the woman out on a date. Unfortunately, she turns him down and he heads for a bar to get drunk. The episode concludes with Loid joining Franky at the bar to cheer him up.

Although Spy x Family Episode 16 didn't give us any developments on Twilight's main mission, it was a refreshing look at how the Forger family have grown in the past episodes.

Spy x Family Episode 17 is titled Carry Out the Griffin Plan/Fullmetal Lady/Omurice. The episode will premiere on Saturday, October 29, 2022.

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