Spy Classroom: Every Main Character's Age & Birthday

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Spy Classroom: Every Main Character's Age & Birthday Lily
Credit: feel.
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During the Shadow War, a group of spy academy washouts attempts the most impossible mission ever, with only a 10% chance of success. In the Heat Haze Palace, Klaus gathered these young women, oozing with so much spy potential. So, here’s every main character’s age and birthday in Spy Classroom.

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How Old Is Klaus?

How Old is Klaus? Klaus
Credit: feel.

Klaus, also known as Bonfire, is the acting head honcho and instructor of the spy organization Lamplight.

Klaus was born on July 11, and he is now 20 years old. Because of his androgynous and feminine appearance, anyone could mistake Klaus for a girl, but in reality, he is a very cool and badass man with natural spy skills.

Moreover, Klaus considers himself to be on the aromantic spectrum because he's unable to feel romantic attraction to others.

In Lamplight, Klaus is known for having terrible handwriting, which is why all the girls were curious about who wrote the list of rules on the Heat Haze Palace.

How Old Is Lily?

How Old is Lily? Lily
Credit: feel.

Lily, codename Flower Garden (Hanazono), is the Lamplight team leader, appointed by Klaus. She is 17 years old and was born on August 1.

Lily is also one of Lamplight's most energetic and impulsive members, frequently getting herself into mischief despite her position as leader.

She specializes in concocting various poisons, such as poison gas and needles, after discovering that she is poison-immune.

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How Old Is Thea?

How Old is Thea? Thea
Credit: feel.

Thea, also known as Dream Speaker (Yumegatari), was born on November 16 and is now 18 years old.

She holds herself in high regard most of the time as the de facto leader next to Lily. Thea is said to be the most attractive as well as the most physically mature member of Lamplight.

She specializes in charming others in the sense that she can see their deepest desires simply by staring into their eyes for three seconds straight.

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How Old Is Grete?

How Old is Grete? Grete
Credit: feel.

Grete, also known by her code name Daughter Dearest (Manamusume), was born on September 7, and she is now 18 years old.


She is said to have androphobia or a fear of men. Except for Klaus, Grete's stomach hurts whenever a man tries to talk to her or interact with her.

Grete, unlike the other Lamplight members, is an expert at disguise. She can also create elaborate plans in less than two seconds and perfectly replicate voices from pitch to tone.

Most notably, Grete can also inflict an unforgettable mental blow on anyone who looks at her black scars that cover half of her face.

How Old Is Sybilla?

How Old is Sybilla? Sybilla
Credit: feel.

Sybilla, also known as Pandemonium (Hyakki), was born on December 9 and is now 17 years old.

She is a tomboyish girl with a commanding personality. In fact, she embodies a muscle-brained type of girl, relying solely on her hard punches and what her gut tells her in the face of danger.

Sybillia can hold her own in a fight owing to her vulgar and tough demeanor. She also specializes in pickpocketing, stealing almost anything with her sticky fingers.

How Old Is Monika?

How Old is Monika? Monika
Credit: feel.

Monika, also known as Glint (Hyojin), was born on May 18 and is now 16 years old.

She is said to be the most skilled of all the Lamplight members because she is a jack of all trades.

She excels at making quick and accurate mental calculations and has exceptional motor skills.


Her inventiveness, close-combat prowess, marksmanship, and top-tier acting abilities are also unparalleled.

How Old Is Sara?

How Old is Sara? Sara
Credit: feel.

Sara, also known as Meadow (Sogen), was born on January 12 and is now 15 years old.

Sara is said to be a girl anyone instinctively wants to protect because of her very timid and cowardly personality; not to mention, she gives off the impression of a prey animal waiting for its predator.

She specializes in animal training, and her ability to understand them distinguishes her skill.

What's more, Sara can also make animals deliver packages, create distractions, and track people, to name a few.


How Old Is Annette?

How Old is Annette? Annette
Credit: feel.

Annette, also known as Forgetter (Boga), was born on March 15, and she is only 14 years old.

She distinguishes herself from Lamplight due to her iconic eyepatch and strong ashen-pink hair, which do not detract from her very innocent and pure image.

Annette enjoys inventing things and pulling pranks on others. She also likes to use the people around her to achieve her goals, which contradicts her image of a pure girl.

She specializes in engineering and handicraft in the sense that she can create anything she can see with extreme accuracy, down to the smallest details.

According to Klaus, Annette is Lamplight's final weapon due to her effective inventions.


How Old Is Erna?

How Old is Erna? Erna
Credit: feel.

Erna, also known by her code name Fool (Gujin), was born on June 4, and she, like Annette, is only 14 years old.

Erna is the least talkative and social in the group due to her poor communication skills. She also regulates her emotions unconsciously, which explains her quiet demeanor.

Erna has the ability to predict misfortune or bad luck for unspecified reasons.

According to Erna's therapist, her proclivity for bad luck stems from her desire to punish herself.

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