Is Spy Classroom Worth the Hype?

Is Spy Classroom Worth the Hype?

Is Spy Classroom Worth the Hype?

After the Winter 2023 anime season lineup has been announced, one of the most anticipated anime was Spy Classroom. But why? Is Spy Classroom even worth the hype, or are viewers just attracted to the whole idea of girls training to be spies? In this article, we weigh in on the hype behind the show.

What Is Spy Classroom All About?

Spy Classroom takes place after the war during a time when weapons were considered destructive, and wars were fought through trickery and manipulation.

Inferno, a top spy team, was destroyed, and the only surviving member decided to create a new group to work on impossible missions.

These missions are considered impossible as other spy teams have failed to accomplish them before, and now, they have a 90% chance of failure.

Moreover, Klaus, the only surviving member of Inferno, recruited seven washout girls from different spy groups.

He now has a month to train and guide them before he lets them out to the real world.

Spy Classroom
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For those who are not familiar with Spy Classroom, it was originally a light novel released in January 2020.

It caught the attention of light novel readers and became one of the most popular series, having sold more than 500,000 units in 2021.

It was popular enough to receive an anime adaptation by studio Feel. The adventure anime premiered in January 2023.

Its premise alone is quite interesting, and the fact that it is based on a famous light novel added to the hype behind the show.

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Is Spy Classroom Worth the Hype?

Spy Classroom Klaus
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Spy Classroom is not a mystery anime per se, but it contains the elements of a fair play mystery. There are hints for each mission, but viewers must determine if the clues are related to the task at hand. There is so much going on in the series that fans will not be bored.

Viewers will be manipulated and misdirected, causing more intrigue. Plus, the series' characters are also interesting!

Firstly, we have Klaus, a great spy whose patience and skills will be tested by the girls he recruited.

Is Spy Classroom Worth the Hype Thea
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Then there is Lily, who can release poison from her pores; Thea, who is known for her sexiness; and Erna, who has a unique sense to determine disaster.

Given all these elements, Spy Classroom is worth its hype. Its mysterious concept, non-harem characters, and fresh approach to spy anime is sure to make any anime fan glued to and hyped for the series!

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