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Is Spy Classroom a Yuri or Romance Anime?

Is Spy Classroom a Yuri or Romance Anime Thea
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Spy Classroom is an interesting exploration of an alternative world that resembles WWII and post-WWII Europe, in which wars are no longer fought with weapons but through the activities of ruthless spies. But do the romance anime tag and all-female cast mean that Spy Classroom is also a yuri anime?

Given the relatively small number of wholesome and non-stereotypical yuri anime with good endings, many fans would hope so, given the show’s optimistic vibes so far.

So, here’s what we know about the anime’s genre and romantic potential.

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Is Spy Classroom a Romance Anime?

Is Spy Classroom a Romance Anime Lily
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Spy Classroom is tagged under the romance genre, meaning the potential is there. The first couple of episodes don’t feature any clear ships but this could change later in the anime.

The spy team is now in enemy territory and close relationships are often forged when characters face danger and adversity together.

Given the way Lily almost bested Klaus in the first episode, some fans might end up shipping them due to their interesting dynamic.

Of course, this would probably be problematic at this point, given that Klaus – while not much older – is supposed to be teaching the girls the ways of spies.

While romance doesn’t seem to have a place in the lives of the aspiring spies right now, the gender ratio does mean that Spy Classroom leans into harem anime tropes.

Because of this, the anime might be enjoyed by fans of the harem anime genre, even if Spy Classroom does not choose to play with the tropes itself.

Is Spy Classroom a Yuri Anime?

Is Spy Classroom a Yuri Anime Sibylla
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Spy Classroom has a nearly all-female cast, but it can’t currently be classified as yuri since there’s no indication of romance between any of the girls.

Fans of the light novel series the anime is based on do mention that one of the girls will develop feelings for another later on, but overall, romance isn’t the main selling point of the adventure anime.

So far, the anime has had a bit of an odd pacing. We've mostly seen the girls as a team, with Lily as their leader.

Is Spy Classroom a Yuri Anime Monika
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Then, we jump into the impossible mission too fast for the relationship between any two individuals to shine. Of course, future episodes might be different.

Due to its large ensemble cast, Spy Classroom does have the potential for different character relationships to be interpreted as romantic. However, we expect that to happen sometime later in future episodes.

Do you have any early favorite ships from the anime? Tell us on Twitter!

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