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Spider-Man: No Way Home's Oscar Recognition In Danger Due to New Fan Favorite Frontrunner

Last week, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences (AMPAS) announced that they are introducing a special informal category at the upcoming 94th Academy Awards called "#OscarsFanFavorite" where movie fans on Twitter have a chance to vote for their favorite film of 2021 using the hashtag and the winner will be announced during the main telecast. A lot have assumed that the category was made in order for them to recognize the number one 2021 film Spider-Man: No Way Home, the expected winner, after failing to get a Best Picture nomination. Now, it looks like the MCU film might not actually win.

According to Deadline, Amazon's romantic musical film Cinderella starring Camila Cabello is currently leading the #OscarsFanFavorite voting on Twitter. Some of the notable films that have also been getting numerous votes are Zack Snyder's Justice League (although it is ineligible) and the Johhny Depp-starred independent film Minimata.

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It looks like the current direction of the category is not what the Academy was expecting. While there are still less than two weeks left to vote, it shows that their intention to have Spider-Man: No Way Home gets some recognition has backfired as it turns out that the fan bases of Cabello and Depp are currently going all their way to make sure that their films get the recognition in Oscar night. There is still a chance for the MCU fans to make sure that No Way Home will catch up and take the prize at the end.

The current results also show that Twitter might not be the best platform for them to do the category or the category itself might be a bad idea at the beginning. Of course, when it comes to Twitter voting, there is an easy way to manipulate the results and not get any natural outcome since a lot of mass voting can happen, especially if the films or their stars have massive fan bases. It would be interesting to see if Cinderella will continue to lead right up to the end or if Spider-Man: No Way Home will eventually catch up and take the special prize since, as we've all assumed, it was made for them to get it in the first place.

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The 94th Academy Awards is scheduled to be held and broadcast live on ABC on March 27 while Spider-Man: No Way Home is still showing in some theaters.

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