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Justice League Fans are Livid Following Snyder Cut's Oscar Snub

Credit: HBO Max

It's been almost a year since the "real" version of Justice League was released and it no longer comes as a surprise how it's still generating a ton of buzz online with Snyder diehards not giving up on their hopes for the SnyderVerse getting restored. However, the years-long campaign is seemingly taking a backseat at the moment as fans set their sights on a different movement — for Justice League to be recognized by the Academy Awards.

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Credit: HBO Max

Turns out, the Oscars has officially launched a brand new category called Twitter Fan Favorite and it's up to the fans to decide which film will end up becoming victorious. As it stands, Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures' Spider-Man: No Way Home is the current favorite to win the unique award. For obvious reasons, the Snyder Cut, as good as it was isn't eligible for the new Oscar category simply because it was never released in cinemas and instead had an HBO Max exclusive premiere.

Despite that, a lot of fans are still crossed about it and most of them think that Zack Snyder is being robbed yet again. Check out some of the reactions below:

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Honestly, the Snyder Cut doesn't need any form of validation from Hollywood's award-giving bodies and the fact that Zack's vision was finally realized in a four-hour epic is one of the biggest achievements and triumphs in comic book film history.

Both versions of Zack Snyder's Justice League are available for streaming on HBO Max.

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