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Spider-Man Composer Michael Giacchino Set to Direct Marvel's Werewolf by Night Halloween Special

One of the many MCU television projects that are on the slate is the Werewolf by Night Halloween special which is based on the titular character from the Marvel comics. While the plot details are still under wraps, we do know that Gael Garcia Bernal has been cast on the role as they are heading to production. Now, we know who is set to direct the special and it's someone who has worked with Marvel before.

According to The DisInsider (citing prominent scooper Daniel RPK), composer Michael Giacchino is set to direct the Werewolf by Night Halloween special. While it will be his first time working as a director for Marvel Studios, he has served as composer for numerous MCU films such as Doctor Strange, the Spider-Man "Homecoming" trilogy (including the recent No Way Home), and the upcoming Thor: Love and Thunder. He has also composed for other notable films such as the J.J. Abrams Star Trek films, Jurassic World, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, and many more.

Prior to the upcoming special, Giacchino's other directioral works are the short film Monster Challenge and an episode of Star Trek: Short Treks titled "Ephraim and Dot." There are no known details yet regarding the writer of the special, but it has been confirmed that Garcia Bernal and Laura Donnelly are starring in it.

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Giacchino is a very interesting choice as the director for the special, especially since he has no experience helming a project that is on a scale like this. Perhaps it's his relationship with the studio as the composer of some of their films that led him to the job and Marvel Studios believed in his vision which is why they hired him. It would be intriguing to see how he will fare as a director, especially on something like the Werewolf by Night special where he has to tackle the horror genre.

So far, Werewolf by Night is probably the most under-the-radar MCU project right now since there's not a lot of anticipation from fans for now. Of course, once we're getting closer to the release, Marvel and Disney+ will be pushing for it. The fact that they are introducing Werewolf by Night tells a lot about the future of the MCU (at least on the supernatural side). Who knows, the character might even show up in Moon Knight since they have a history in the comics. Let's just wait and see how this will all go.

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The Werewolf by Night Halloween special is planned to premiere later this year on Disney+, with production set to begin next month.

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