Kim Woo Bin Tests Positive For COVID-19 After Cancer Battle

Credit: KBS WORLD TV/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: KBS WORLD TV/YouTube Screenshot

Kim Woo Bin, Our Blues star, has tested positive for COVID-19.

After going through ups and downs due to his health issues, Kim Woo Bin has been challenged by the dreaded disease this time.

On Tuesday, a source from the APR agency confirmed the development, saying that the actor used a self-testing kit ahead of his appearance at the Jaeger-LeCoultre exhibition. After going through a rapid antigen test, the agency ultimately decided to cancel his photo event.

“Ahead of the event on May 23, Kim Woo Bin checked that he tested positive with a self-testing kit. Afterwards, he immediately visited a medical institution and carried out a rapid antigen test, and he ultimately tested positive,” it stated.

For now, Kim Woo Bin is spending his time doing self-quarantine at home as part of South Korea’s COVID-19 guidelines. He has also since halted all his remaining scheduled activities.

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Kim Woo Bin Faced a Health Issue in the Past

Aside from his recent COVID-19 diagnosis, the actor also left his fans shocked when he was diagnosed with nasopharyngeal cancer.

After appearing on Uncontrollably Fond, he started working on the movie Wiretap. It was at that time when he found out that he had the disease after noticing something abnormal in his body.

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His agency somewhat took the worries away by saying that it was not too late for him to receive treatment, so he immediately started his radiation therapy and took medication.

During the treatment, he did not lose much hair. However, he lost around 10 kilograms of weight.

Two years later, he made a comeback in the acting industry, helming several films and movies, including Alien and the now-hit flick, Our Blues.

Lee Byung Hun Helped Kim Woo Bin Find Out His Cancer

Kim Woo Bin managed to prevent the worst from occurring due to Lee Byung Hun’s help.

Last month, entertainment reporter-turned-YouTuber Lee Jin Ho revealed that the actor discovered his cancer during the early stages because of his senior. He began signs of the illness, like getting a nosebleed, as early as 2017.

But Kim Woo Bin was not able to visit a doctor due to his busy schedule. He also thought it was just a result of fatigue.

When he met Lee Byung Hun for dinner, he suffered another nosebleed, causing the veteran star to urge him to get a check-up at a hospital.

Kim Woo Bin then visited a doctor the next day and found out that his cancer was in its early stages.

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