Sony Marketing President on All That Ghostbusters Remake Backlash

When the trailer for Paul Feig's Ghostbusters remake hit YouTube in early March, the updated comedy received mixed reactions from fans and critics. There are several arguments why people aren't fans of the upcoming movie, but Sony apparently doesn't think their opinions matter, since they are just a small part of the community.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Sony Marketing President Dwight Caines thinks that passionate fans always question a movie's reboot, adding that the detractors constitute such a "tiny percentage" despite their being vocal about their feelings.

He said:

The people talking are such a tiny percentage of the people viewing. The first trailer got 70 million views. The number of people talking: less than 100,000, and they are trying to define the experience.

Despite Caines' confidence, it is worth noting that following the first Ghostbusters trailer, the recently-released trailer on May 18 seems to have applied a different approach to please audiences and allay the hatred. Apparently, Sony does care about that tiny percentage.

It's also interesting that Sony seemed to have been prepared for the oncoming internet backlash prior to the announcement of a new Ghostbusters since it is a reboot after all.

According to trade reports, films like Sami Raimi's Spider-Man, Marc Webb's The Amazing Spider-Man and Daniel Craig's Casino Royale all received a respected 65%, 60% and 55% in negative ratings. However, following their release, the films overwhelmed at the box office.

THR also noted Sony's pre-screening data for the film It appears that two "recruited screenings" on May 21 "played through the roof."

In the end, the entire film is all that matters and reaction to the trailers, negative or positive, will be moot. If Paul Feig's Ghostbusters does turn out to be THAT good, then all the backlash wouldn't really matter. Hopefully, those trade reports are accurate.

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