Original Ghostbusters Returns To Theaters In June

In light of the release of Paul Feig's new Ghostbusters movie, avid fans of the original Ghostbusters may be yearning for some of the action from the 1984 film. Well, Sony Pictures has decided to give these fans a treat in the next couple of weeks.

On June 8, which is the anniversary of the original Ghostbusters, Fathom Events (shared by AMC, Regal, and Cinemark Theaters) will re-release the 1984 orignal movie in over 750 theaters in the United States. In addition, there will be another release of the film as an encore on June 12.

To top things off, rabid Ghostbusters fans will like what BBQ Films has in store. Together with the re-release of the original Ghostbusters on June 8, BBQ Films (h/t EW) will host a three-night immersive screenings of the original film in a giant warehouse in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. This screening is immersive in that fans can strap on proton packs, hang around with ghosts, all while watching Ghostbusters in a venue transformed into the Ghostbusters HQ.

Now, if only Peter Vankman, Egon, and Slimer were there. Everything would be perfect.

To get tickets to the two events, you can check them out here: FathomEvents.com and BBQ Films.

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