Song Joong Ki Finally Breaks Silence Over Relationship, Marriage With Katy Louise Saunders

Credit: GMA Public Affairs/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: GMA Public Affairs/YouTube Screenshot

Song Joong Ki graces the cover of GQ magazine's March issue and finally breaks his silence over his relationship with Katy Louise Saunders.

Since announcing their marriage in January, Saunders has received incredible media and public attention. So, what can Song Joong Ki say about it?

Song Joong Ki Talks About Marriage with Katy Louise Saunders

Song Hye Kyo's ex-husband revealed he's "so happy" with his marriage with Saunders.

"I'm happy, but at the same time, I'm not a hugely emotional person," he said via AllKpop.

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"I know that I am experiencing a lot of new feelings, but then again, I feel like nothing much has changed," he continued. "But creating my own family and having children were two of my biggest goals in life, so I'm excited and a little anxious but in a good way, and I'm trying not to get too worked up."

From there, he described what kind of a person his wife is.

"A person full of goodness and good stories," the Reborn Rich star added. "To put it more simply, someone whom I can place my trust in."

Song Joong Ki Addressed Rumors About Katy Louise Saunders

Song Joong Ki also addressed the rumors surrounding Saunders after announcing their marriage.

"At first, I didn't think much of the rumors," he stated.

As a celebrity, the 37-year-old explained that rumors were already part of life.

"Even if a lot people knew about our relationship, it's not like our love was going to change," he claimed. "But to be honest, when some of the rumors just grew unbelievable, I felt angry."

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He then cleared that, aside from the name of the university Saunders graduated from, most rumors about his wife aren't true.

"While my frustration was growing, Katy said, 'There's no need to get angry at these people,'" he revealed. "I won't say too much more, but she's that kind of person. She leads me toward a positive outlook, and we balance each other out."

Song Joong Ki Announces Marriage

Song Joong Ki officially announced his marriage to Saunders in a post on his official fan café on January 30.

Later, his agency, HighZium Studio, announced their upcoming wedding ceremony.

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"The wedding ceremony will be held separately, but nothing specific has been decided yet." it said in a statement, via Soompi. "The two will spend their newlywed life going back and forth from South Korea and the United Kingdom."

Song Joong Ki confirmed his romance with Saunders in December 2022.

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