Lee Seung Gi Thanks Fans’ Support While Soon-To-Be Mother-In-Law Breaks Silence Over Family Issues

Credit: The Swoon/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: The Swoon/YouTube Screenshot

Lee Seung Gi thanks in an Instagram Story after announcing his marriage to Lee Da In due to the controversies surrounding their romance. His soon-to-be mother-in-law, Kyeon Mi Ri, also breaks her silence over the issue thrown at her family.

Fans question Lee Seung Gi's decision to marry Lee Da In knowing her father, Lee Hong Heon, and the money scams he did that brought him to prison.

Lee Seung Gi Thanks Fans Amid Controversies

The 36-year-old made the post on Saturday, February 18, and translated it into four different languages for his international fans to understand.

In English, it read,

“Dear Airen, my precious fans who have been rooting for me throughout all my good and bad times. I want to express my deepest respect and love for you.
I have been able to come this far thanks to your unconditional love and support. I will try my best to protect you and return the love you all have shown me. Thank you for always be on my side, Airen. I will never forget.”

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This comes on the heels of the many issues surrounding Lee Seung Gi's upcoming marriage with Lee Da In, with some saying he's "marrying into a family of scammers."

Several netizens believe the wealth of his girlfriend's family came from the manipulative business of Lee Hong Heon, including the LUBO incident, considered as one of South Korea's largest stock manipulation incidents.

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The incident had more than 300,000 victims; some even took their own lives.

Kyeon Mi Ri Addresses Family Issues

Meanwhile, Kyeon Mi Ri addressed the issues about her family after Lee Seung Gi announced his marriage to her daughter, Lee Da In.

"Our family did not profit through the money from that lawsuit," the veteran actress cleared, via AllKpop. "That money was owned by the company, and no amount of it was used by my family."

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She also said that the accusations about her family issuing new stocks and then selling them for money wasn't true, stressed the court would have the final word if her family were guilty or not.

"I was also a victim of that incident. I invested a significant amount in that company, but they would not pay me back unless I participated in their events," she revealed.

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