BTS Jin Seemingly Hints at Shoulder Injury During Graduation Ceremony

Credit: 할명수/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: 할명수/YouTube Screenshot

A new video of BTS's Jin has hit online, and fans can't help but worry for their favorite idol after seemingly hinting at his shoulder injury.

Starnews Korea dropped a new video of Jin attending a graduation ceremony after completing his five weeks of basic training. The clip quickly gets viral as fans show concern over his physical health.

Jin Hints at Shoulder Injury

In the video, as shared by AllKpop, the 30-year-old could be seen standing still while saluting. Slowly, he seemed to move and adjust his left shoulder

When he turned around, he made it look like nothing had happened.

Fans couldn't help but think Jin's shoulder was in pain, and it seemed to be bothering him.

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"I think something is uncomfortable in his shoulder," one fan said.

"Is his shoulder, okay?" another asked.

"His shoulder. Something seems to be uncomfortable," a netizen added.

Jin Shares Valentine's Day Message

Jin dropped another monthly message, recorded before he officially began his military enlistment in December 2022, for his fans to celebrate Valentine's Day.

The new clip continued his monthly video series. For his February videotape, the BTS member once again effortlessly captured the hearts of many.

"7 letters that are packed in macarons! ARMY, I love you (purple heart emoji)," he said.

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The clip began with Jin introducing himself and revealing the video's purpose. As he thought of the special event for February, he sent out a heartfelt message "for the day of love."

There were seven macarons in front of him, referencing the seven members of BTS. Jin started to think of what to write them, ending up saying his love for their fans.

He evidently struggled to put the chocolate sauce and the letters "아미사랑해요," which meant "ARMY I love You," with an added purple heart emoji.

Later, Jin showed how satisfied he was with his work and teased fans with his new video coming in March.

Jin's Military Enlistment

Jin is the first BTS member to enlist for mandatory military service. His enlistment was set on December 13, and his fellow BTS members accompanied him to his training site.

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After completing his five-week basic training, he graduated and was reportedly promoted to the training assistant position.

He, too, is said to have shown great leadership qualities while fulfilling his roles during the completion ceremony, giving out commands to his fellow recruits.

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