Former Aoa Member Mina Scammed, Threatened After Working Part-Time Job Talking To Lonely Men in Chatroom

Credit: TV-People/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: TV-People/YouTube Screenshot

News broke on Monday, February 20, that former AOA member Mina sought the help of the lice after being scammed and threatened when she worked a part-time job in a Chatroom to talk to lonely men.

The 29-year-old filed a complaint at the Yongsan Police Station in Seoul, and the latter is now investigating the case.

A Scammed Work from Home

Channel A reported, via AllKpop, that the singer revealed company A offered her a part-time work-from-home job where she would talk to lonely men in a chatroom.

However, instead of earning some money, she ended up being scammed and even receiving threats.

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"I searched for work-from-home jobs, and a 'chatting' part-time work popped up,” she said in an interview. “So, I thought it was just talking to people. If a guy opens a (chat) room, the girl would enter that room and just talk with him."

The man she talked to would give her coins in the Chatroom that she could exchange for real money through the app company.

Mina revealed she earned 8 million KRW or more than $6,000 in just a day. So, she tried to exchange it with the company, but the latter asked her to send them funds first before she could get her money.

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Mina Fell for the Scam

Unfortunately, Mina fell for it and sent money totalling 15 million KRW or over $11,500—bigger than what she earned—throughout six wire transfers.

"They would say if I don't transfer the money, the coins I earned will all disappear, so I was anxious,” she continued. “I didn't think about the money I would lose that I transferred, but I was just worried about not getting the money I earned."

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Mina later realized she was scammed, and the company even threatened her. They said they would reveal that she worked part-time in the Chatroom.

They also blackmailed her, claiming they would delete the photos of their conversations and send her back her 15 million KRW if she would send pictures of her and other AOA members.

After receiving this threat, Mina decided to ask for the police’s help. There are no updates yet about the case as of this writing.

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