Snowpiercer Season 3 Exclusive Clip Shows Ben is in Trouble Outside the Train

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Snowpiercer Season 3 is finally arriving on Monday and it be picking up on the events of the finale of Season 2 where the eternal engine got separated with Layton and the others who were in a separate ten coach pirate train and in an exclusive clip that shows that Ben is in trouble as they investigate the study of Melanie outside the train.

In an exclusive clip of Snowpiercer Season 3 from ScreenRant, it shows Layton, Josie, and Alex on the train as they study the research of Melanie on where the Earth is starting to heat up again and Ben is outside the train to find out about it. However, he got into some situation: he fell into what seems like a shallow spot and formed a hole.

The finale of Snowpiercer Season 2 ended with Melanie being left outside the train and she was purposely left behind by Mr. Wilford who successfully took over the train with Miss Audrey and now that they have the whole train for themselves, Layton, Josie, Alex, and Ben were on a pirate train in hopes of getting Melanie back, however, some things may be too late, as Melanie is nowhere to be found.

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In the trailer of the third season, a new place is about to be explored as it introduced “New Eden” and a new character, Asha, showing snippets of life on Earth. It only means that over the course of seven years that the Eternal Engine has been roaming around the Earth, there is life beyond the train, thriving some other way. With the Earth starting to heat up, it is also possible that repopulation is nearby. Could the passengers step foot on Earth once more?

Snowpiercer will be back on Monday, January 24, 2022, on TNT. For other countries, the series would come out on Netflix every week. For those in the US, the whole season will be dropped in one go after the finale of the series arrives.

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